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1305 West 78th Street / Suite 200 Cleveland, OH 44102 / 216-650-4201


The Team

Hilary has spent the last seven years staging public exhibits, launching art walks, and planning elaborate receptions for individuals and organizations – all of which have transformed the way residents and visitors view our region. She was one of the first visionaries to plant roots at 78th Street Studios, creating unforgettable art events through her space, HEDGE Gallery. What started as an underground activity attracting a few hundred people every quarter has grown to become a monthly art mob of thousands, called THIRD FRIDAYS, which according to Scene Magazine is “The Best Arts Event” in Cleveland.

She currently operates her gallery, and focuses on her event planning and design business, planning wedding ceremonies, receptions, fundraisers, corporate functions, cocktail parties, etc. Her event business boasts an eclectic inventory of lighting, props, furniture and other unique materials that can be rented to accentuate any type of event. Her team specializes in floral creations as well, including centerpieces, bouquets, plant and organic design.

Because of Hilary’s nuanced leadership in organizing dozens of businesses, creativity in presenting compelling exhibits, and electric personality as a city champion, she has been recognized by Scene Magazine’s special section on People as someone who makes Cleveland the best place in America. She has earned awards and grants for her efforts to collaborate with nearby agencies, resulting in programming that has stimulated the entire Gordon Square Arts District. In economic development terms, Hilary’s motivation to present that arts as a vehicle for elevating a neighborhood has provided urban planners with prime elements upon which to build larger community plans.

photo credit: Suzaran Photography

1305 West 78th Street / Suite 200 Cleveland, Ohio 44102 216-650-4201