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1305 West 78th Street / Suite 200 Cleveland, OH 44102 / 216-650-4201

Bridal Bouquets


Floral Design

Our in-house floral design services provide personalized, unique creations that reflect your colors, themes, and style. Hilary Gent worked in floral design for seven years under the apprenticeship of Pieter Bouterse, and learned traditional, Dutch inspired, and contemporary designs. Our team can create everything from bouquets to boutonnieres, simple centerpieces or garlands, or elaborate creations. We can provide ceremony florals and backdrops, plants and greenery, or accents for your food stations, gift table and other peripheral tables.

We absolutely love designing florals for weddings and other events, and invest in the freshest possible product from a local wholesaler in order to provide you with the perfect designs for your event.

1305 West 78th Street / Suite 200 Cleveland, Ohio 44102 216-650-4201