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1305 West 78th Street / Suite 200 Cleveland, OH 44102 / 216-650-4201


HEDGE Gallery Event Planning

Our event coordination team can assist you in creating a beautiful and stress-free day when it comes to planning your wedding, or next event.  

We offer planning services, such as assistance with vendor selection, floor plan layout and design, and day of coordination (please see detailed list in our “services” section). We also have a large inventory of materials that can be rented to help your creative ideas come to life! Our affordable lighting packages, centerpieces, furniture and even floral and botanical designs can be incorporated, easing your mind when it comes to the overall look of your event.

Our team works in-house at 78th Street Studios, in any of our four venues, but we are also able to work offsite at other event spaces in Ohio and beyond. Visit the “Venues” page to learn more about what our building has to offer.

photo credit: Jason Crocker Photography

1305 West 78th Street / Suite 200 Cleveland, Ohio 44102 216-650-4201